Need an experienced engineer to build a new product? How about bootstrap a new team? Or setup an automated deployment pipeline? Production issues got you down?

I offer a number of professional service options depending on your needs and budget ranging from free to $X00,000.

Free Interviews

Does your podcast need a guest to talk about DevOps, software engineering, continuous deployment, containers, or even the latest trance music? Talking to fellow professionals is one of my favorite activities. There's always more to learn from each other and share with a wider audience. Here's my most recent podcast appearance on the Ruby Testing Podcast.

Price: Free. Schedule an appearance.


Do you need someone to help you work through a problem, review your deployment pipeline, help you prep for continuous deployment, or evaulate archiecture decisions? I can help. We'll discuss your background and objectives before the call. You may also provide me read access to your git repos so I can  prep before hand.

Price: $300/hour, 1 hour minimum. Scheduled at your convenience. Get Started.

Professional Writing

I write technical documentation, tutorials, content marketing, and editorials. Byline or Ghostwriting. I can self edit or work with your editors/content team. Retainers and one-off posts available. More samples available upon request.

Price: $X00 for one-off content and $X,000 for retainers. Rates include all editing and feedback iterations. Contact Me.

Training Videos

Are you an education company looking to expand your library? Or a software company training your uses to use your product?

I produce video courses such as the Introduction to Docker, Introduction to Kubernetes and AWS Real World Practices courses.

Price: $X,000 to $X0,000. 4-6 weeks production time. Contact me.

Just Get It Done For Me

Sometimes you just need someone come in and get things done. You may need to build a new product, burn through a big backlog, or configure a deployment pipeline. Building, deploying, and running software is hard work and there's always a lot to do. I can help you just get it done from applications, infrastructure, deployment pipelines and everything in-between.

Price: $X,000 to $X00,000. Contact me.